TPE Sex doll repair kit - sex doll glue

TPE Sex doll repair kit - sex doll glue

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Sex doll glue -TPE sex doll repair kit

The TPE glue was corrosive, so you have to make sure the doll situation was suitable to use the TPE glue, in case of secondary damage to the doll.
If the doll wound was a  slim gap, the glue is suitable to use for repairing. if the doll wound was a hole, the TPE glue is NOT SUITABLE to repair it.

Before repairing, please prepare a toothpick(or the similar usage thing) as the tool.
1. Use the toothpick to paste a few TPE glue.
2. Paste the glue to the slim gap of the wound.
3. Press the both sides of the wound together for about 1 minutes.
4. Put the doll into some cool and dry place until the wound get dry. do not use high temperature device(such as hair dryer) to get it dry.
5. After the doll wound get dry, put a few powder on the wound place to get the skin smooth.


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