Skeleton sex dolls frequently asked questions and answers

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Q1: How many times does the black clothing worn by the doll be washed? How long does it take to completely stain?

Soak the laundry detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has color. In addition, you can use the split to do the dyeing test. Generally, there is no color in the water, so it will not be dyed. However, the washing powder that has been washed in a new clothes has no color, so it can be done without washing 5-6 times.

Q2: Will white cloth dye the doll?

The white color will not be dyed, the color will be dyed, and the colored color will be dyed on the body.

Q3: Is the doll easy to dye?

Generally, look at the clothes. If the clothes themselves are not dyed, they will not be dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-staining primers or wear light-colored clothes.

Q4: About dolls, dark clothing dyeing problems?

Usually do not wear dark clothes for a long time, the doll can be light, it does not matter, the underwear is recommended to prepare white is better.

Q5: Do you not have to worry about this problem when you wear a bottoming shirt? Can the clothes be worn for a long time? Is it not dyed when the clothes are washed? Even if it is dark, you can wear it all the time. Is the color faded?

General insurance points, clothes are bought and rubbed with a warm white wet cloth. As long as there is a little color, it is necessary to wash it or wear it for a long time. Bottom clothing is worn, if you can guarantee to cover the whole body of the doll in the future, there is no problem~ Be careful, dyed super painful... Don’t wear it even if it doesn’t fade, don’t be afraid of 10,000, especially The areas where knees and ass are often rubbed are the most susceptible to dyeing.

Q6: How to care for wigs?

You can use shampoo, then apply some conditioner, it will be softer.

Q7: How to fight with powder? Finished? Directly placed?

Playing all over the body. You can put the box or bed after you finish playing.

Q8: What is suitable for cosmetics?

Really. Everything is OK, the requirements are not great.

Q9: Do the dolls get oil? Which material does not come out?

Will come out of the oil. The degree is different. Diligently powder, get used to it.

Q10: Do you have to change your posture?

Well, sit back and forth, lie down, change positions, and be careful of butt deformation.

Q11: How can I prevent the butt from deforming when I can't change my posture?

Get a cushion. Try on the pad.

Q12: Can I put my suitcase?

It is best not to let the doll collapse for a long time.

Q13: Will there be water in the doll?

No, because they are made of solid silicone, don't worry about getting in water; but be careful not to get water in your neck. For the time being, the metal skeleton, the metal meets the water you know.

Q14: How do I move my doll?

It is best to move the doll to a chair with wheels to move it, to avoid injury or fall to it. Of course, you can also take a back or awkward approach, but pay special attention not to scratch the doll. When you are working with a doll, you can use some auxiliary tools or pillows to fix it. When you move the joint, it is best to fix it on both ends of the joint with both hands, then move again, move slowly, and do not unconventional torsion joints. Also be careful to avoid violent pulling of the doll to avoid joint damage.

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