Real doll is a fool of humans?

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A basic fact is that the true feelings in interpersonal communication are not always positive. Those negative emotions inevitably bring about or even slight, or long or short, harm rather than gain. The basic logic that emerges from this is that from the point of view of avoiding harm, instead of accepting the true negative emotions between people, it is better to accept that the artificial intelligence products provide a feeling that is not real but is not really positive!

A failed marriage is a typical example of this type of negative emotion causing harm. Emotional robots should be a good substitute for failing to find a satisfying new partner compared to a failed marriage, although they cannot be compared with more ideal choices (satisfied human companions).

Another possible situation is that for unsuccessful marriages that do not need to be completely abandoned, social robots are positioned as a useful supplement, buffer, and adjustment role in order to alleviate and avoid conflicts and contradictions in the married life. Maybe more feasible. After the emergence of more advanced social robots, it may be possible for them to assume the role of mediators and even guides—to guide those who lack skills in marriage to learn to improve the quality of marriage.

We know that the characteristics of social robots, including knowledge structure, can be artificially set. Such as: unlimited patience, no negative emotions, no tantrums, more rapid response, broader knowledge, more accurate and more reasonable feedback capabilities. These qualities combine to make it an excellent teacher! Therefore, allowing emotional robots to serve as minor tutors and even life tutors should be a useful development. It is reasonable to expect that, compared with human parents who have limited time and patience, and are unable to fully control negative emotions and negative behavior, it is likely to perform more decently and outstandingly!

By making it widely available, social robots have become an alternative to human beings who are unable to concentrate their efforts and have negative reactions, thus freeing up time and energy to allow people to focus on the scenery, decent, warmth, love,... Positive feedback and positive energy that benefit couples, families, and society should be the most reasonable and promising direction for social robots. This may be one of the feasible ways to improve the quality of human life.

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