Can we ship to Australian and UK?

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sex doll shipping,customs problem

 These day many Australian and UK ask me whether we can ship, i have to say sorry we can't ship. Even you are aleady pay, we will sent your money back 。 But one customer pay with credit card, credit card take some payment fee, so payment fee didn't sent back him.

  Before order, if your country didn't in this list,please click"list", please leave message to me and i will confirm it whether safe ship. I don't want anyone loose money. Of course i have sent some gift to the guy when he pay credit card payment fee,But i still feel uncomfortable.He loose some money and hope this will be never hapen.  

  This is why i hope every one can be understand, we can't ship doll to you, it's customs problem ,and we are already try best to find some other shippment, if we can found it, i will let you know in time. 
  About doll price, just need to register then you can saw it. After order, i will ship gift to you with doll(including condom,one wig, doll nail, stain removable and glue), Any qiestion please feel free to contact me email:[email protected] 

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