Why sex doll are selling on the market?

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About sex, Chinese conservative in foreigners’ eyes,but sex doll become popular in China and a lot of factories begin to make sex doll. What happen?

80 90 is a new generation, they are accept everything. Gay, sex ,different culture and belief, they are accept all of them. This is a big change from China.

Sex doll began in Japan, abstinence for a long time bad for health, in order to solve this problem, inflatable doll appear. Today many many different doll in the market. How to choose a doll you need? Haha, you can chat with us before choose. But now i think , you don’t need to feel hard to choose one, because sex doll just like a real women, you are choose a girl friend. So see her face, choose body you love, them she is yours.

Go back to our topic, why sex doll are selling on the market? This is a question we are need to thinking. Why i didn’t go out to make a girl or boy friend? Why i didn’t talk with friend instead of sex doll? Why i feel lonely in my life? Why i don’t happy? Too many many question, i think you know the Answer, i don’t want to tell about my Answer, because i know i need to go out there, i need to make friend, i need to find the meaning of life. So do you. If you want to started by sex doll, ok let’s do it, i don’t feel this is a bad idea. How do you think?

A silicone love doll, she can be your friend, you can talk with her, even didn’t have any answer, you can make sex with her, she is yours, you can do anything you want, you can make up to her, lean to take care of a girl, you are still can be use her lean how to make love.

Why do you want to buy a sex doll?  Can you leave your answer? 

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