Why choose sex doll instead manual masturbation?

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More and more people start to use sex doll instead masturbation by himself. One side they are interested in those product, men have interested in sex doll, women interested in vibrator. Of course not everybody have the same point agree with these items. For men penis care, sex doll become popular in some way, silicone sex doll can be a person masturbation way and didn't hurt them.

For years, the sex doll was seen as something that only Metamorphosis or broken heart men use, the trust is many men has girl friend but sill enjoy use a doll. These year dolls sell rise, many production and technology have create high quality lifelike sex doll with different price. They are classify doll by material and height. Silicone doll always expensive than TPE doll, and high doll costly then small doll.

Many people choose sex doll instead manual masturbation, because those doll have some real feeling with real women. They are looks like real women. In other side, sex doll can be help males build self-confidence for sex or make them didn't shy to stay with girl to know women well.

www.fullbodylovedoll.com is our website to sell those doll, you can search for silicone and TPE doll, different face and height choose, of course different price too. Whatever big breast or small breast, big ass doll or shemale doll, you can find in here. We have full experience in exporting sex doll to European and American market. Huge breast and small breast doll is our top rated item.In this fierce competition market, we are realize the quality control is the first priorty for running our business. So all doll you are search in our shop, you will get best quality same doll as picture. This is our promise.

You are still need to be careful to use a doll. First, received doll shower to her make skin dry and take some baby powder to doll skin and place few day, after smell goes then you can try to use(all doll have a little smell, this is normal).Use lubricant, doll skin is dry, there have frication of doll vagina, avoid penis tear use lubrication. Second. After use doll, clean doll well and make it dry, for your next time use. some male ask whether need to use condom, depend on your choose, but we will suggest to use condom. Even doll material is safe to our healthy, but use again and again, if you are didn't clear vagina or oral well, then maybe vagina have some bacteria. So take care of your doll on other way is take care of yourself. In the end, overdo issues, leading to penis pain, if this happen, leave your doll alone some day and you have to eat some fruit and milk, or buy something yo protect your skin. 

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