Imagine, a real doll that represents all the beauty of the female ideal.  With this dream is a reality!  All our adult dolls are not only cheap sex dolls but luxury sex dolls are made of high quality materials and are flexible in almost any natural female position.  Our silicone sex dolls are fully functional vaginal entry with extremely soft labia and anal Canals designed to accommodate full insertion.


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Fullbodylovedoll is a China established mini love doll,lifelike sex dolls,anime sex doll,cheap sex dolls,love dolls,shemale sex doll adult online store.We are providing the best browsing and shopping experience to our love sex doll customers.

We only sell reputable brands'products, such as WM Brand, JY, DS, 6Ye, Sanhui, etc. They are the most trusted brands you can find in adult toy love sexy doll products, and we are proud to be the Authorized Seller of these brands. They do not grant the Selling Right easily to low quality sellers.

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How do i maintain fullbodylovedoll?


Maintenance of TPE skin is waterproof and hypollallergenic and phthalate free so to clean the doll we recommend you use a clean damp towel.If the doll is really dirty from use you may use body soap to remove all residue and then dry with a clean towel.TPE skin is thermoplastic elastomer TPE is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone this soft elastomer material mimics the experience of human skin.TPE is soft and stretchy with a velvety texture that is caused by the talc’s used to prevent the material sticking to the mould during the manufacturing process.Once washed your doll with soapy water the dolls skin will become unpleasantly tacky or sticky so just give it a light dusting of baby power or as same people prefer corn starch as it is less abrasive on your skin and dolls TPE layer,these two products will restore doll’s oringinal texture.Never submerge head under water just wipe down with a damp cloth carefully especially around lips and eyebrows so they don’t discolour or get damaged.Always wash new clothing before dressing the doll as dye on some clothing can seep into the TPE and cause staining which may not come out

We provide a stain removing cream but its best if you can avoid dark color clothing period.Best stand dolls only if you have picked the stand up option recommended free option through check out,if you don’t pick the stand up option you will not be able to stand up dolls as it will split the TPE layer of skin on the soles of the dolls feet.TPE will not lose its shape unless you have her sitting on a hard surface for a long period of time.Always place dolls on soft surfaces when left for long periods of time,we use air beds in our showroom to prevent flat spots on there butt cheeks.Never leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time sunlight can exhaust the TPE skin and make TPE layer more brittle and discolour painted areas like permanent make up on the dolls face and body.TPE is also porous and can easily harbor bacteria,TPE cannot be effectively sterilized so sharing your doll without a condom is not safe


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Read more is a expecial store in love doll market, we are selling all good brand doll from China with cheap price.Every doll sent from manufacturer to our office, final custom sex doll compliance check on customer special requirement before delivery.So quality control is not a problem, you will get a prefect doll as you wish!
For feeling,she totally can bring a amazing sex feeling.You will have fun time with her,orgasms is no a problem.Of couses every times you should make a position for her.All doll from, not only a cheal inflatable doll but all doll make of high qulity material and flexible any natural femal position.
Maybe sometines you are tired to see her same face same hair every day, all you have to do is act. Shower with her together, please be care for neck, then make your doll dry, wear a new hair and clothes. You can try to make up will be prefer. When this love doll arrived your home, she's yours.
How to custom a doll as you wish? We have anime sex doll, lifelike sex dolls, cheap sex dolls,love doll for male, love dolls for women or gay, all request you need, we can satisfy you.Custom your life size silicone dolls,from fullbodylovedoll
We are always use UPS or Fedex shipping to your place, almost door to door.And we know privacy is very impotant for customer,here is a lifelike sex doll just like a real women. So every package is very safe and without any word say about sex doll, no one know what's in the carton.